COVID-19 General Guidelines to Keep Campers & Staff Safe

Updates & Information

COVID-19 Camp Procedures:

Maryland Residents Only

Only campers who reside in Maryland may attend youth camp programs.

Fifteen Maximum

No group of campers and staff may exceed 15 individuals at any time.


Groups will stay separate from other groups throughout the program. Social/Physical Distancing of 6 feet or more whenever possible.

Daily Screenings

Daily screening including temperature will take place during drop off.

Face Coverings

Staff wear face coverings when interacting with other staff, parents, and campers unless it is not safe to do so, especially when social distancing is not possible.

Campers and staff will wear masks when applicable and safe. This includes:

to and from their vehicles
While taking bathroom breaks
When 6 ft social distancing is unachievable

Campers and staff are not required to wear masks during physical activity, as it is a safety hazard and can promote breathing and cooling issues.