Poplar Hill Mansion has had many investigations over the years from various and assorted groups and individuals. These investigators have collected evidence to give credence to the stories about the house being haunted.

The Museum does allow new investigations, but there are some ground rules. Respect being first and foremost.

  • Respect the house. PHM is a museum first and foremost. The furnishings in the house are just as old as the house. We ask groups to exercise caution and safety throughout the house while conducting investigations.
  • Respect the spirits. You are a guest in their home. We do not allow any antagonization tactics, such as yelling, use of profanity, or asking for physical harm.
  • Respect the Curator. The Curator not only works at the house, but also lives here and has final say as to who is invited to conduct investigations and the hours which investigations may be done. All new paranormal investigation organizations and groups are required to meet with the Curator prior to any investigation being scheduled.

Other rules:

  • The Curator will be on hand for all investigations and will usually have at least one other staff member/volunteer on hand during the investigation.
  • All investigations are to be concluded by 12:00 midnight. We are aware that many investigators like to conduct investigations until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, but please keep in mind that in addition to a museum, this is still a home and the Curator lives here and oftentimes will have to work the following day.
  • There are restricted areas in the house. While we do allow investigators into some areas not open to the general public, such as the basement, there are certain areas which remain off limits such as the Curator’s private residence.
  • There is no smoking/vaping of any kind or of any substance at Poplar Hill Mansion, either in the house or on the grounds. This is a City owned property and the City has a strict ban of smoking on all their property.
  • The museum asks that a report of findings and a copy of all evidence is given to the museum for our records.


Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a ban of further investigations for you and your group at Poplar Hill Mansion.