New Exhibit for 2024!

Our second floor hallway has become our temporary/rotating exhibit space. Every year, we will be changing the exhibit to tell the story or history of a unique aspect of the 1800s, or something relating to PHM specifically, or the history of Salisbury, or even an exhibit to correlate to a celebratory anniversary (such as the Semiquincentennial in 2026). This year, we are focusing on the History and Influence of Sugar in the Early 1800s. Dr. Huston had sugar here at the Mansion, as his inventory lists several items pertaining to sugar such as casters, tongs, and a sugar goblet. As a surgeon, he also would have used sugar medicinally, to treat indigestion. The new exhibit focuses on the material items used for sugar, including a sugar chest, tongs, pots, goblets, casters, nips, molds, and a firkin. It also includes information about the production of cane sugar, the Triangle of Trade, and Thomas Jefferson’s Maple Sugar Scheme. Come to the Mansion for a tour and learn all about sugar! The exhibit will run through December of 2024.