New Handicapped Lift!

People who use wheelchairs or have mobility challenges can now visit the City of Salisbury’s Poplar Hill Mansion, which has added an incline lift. The lift, which allows visitors with physical disabilities to access the first floor of Poplar Hill Mansion, is located at the back of the home. Since it is an incline lift, not an elevator lift, the look is unobtrusive and fits in with the home’s aesthetic.

“I’m excited that more people will be able to visit Poplar Hill Mansion, whether it is for a tour, a public event, or a private event like a wedding,” said Curator Sarah Meyers. “This lift makes Poplar Hill Mansion more inclusive for everyone.”

The lift holds up to 550 pounds and can fit a traditional or motorized wheelchair and its user. People who use walkers or canes, or families with strollers, can also use the lift. The back door located by the new lift already met Americans with Disabilities Act standards, and the stairs at this door that the lift runs alongside were rebuilt. There is enough space for someone to walk alongside the person using the lift. Poplar Hill Mansion’s public bathroom, located on the first floor, was remodeled to fit ADA standards in 2020.

“This lift will make one of Salisbury’s most important historical places accessible to an entirely new group of visitors,” said Mayor Jack Heath. “We’re proud to add Poplar Hill Mansion to the growing list of accessible spaces in the City of Salisbury, and we’re excited to share its history with each and every one of our residents.”