More Paint Restoration!

We are undergoing the final phase in our paint and plaster restoration and repair on the first floor of the Mansion and in the stairwell. John and Dana are at it again! John has been hard at work doing all the plaster repair in the Surgery Room and Main Staircase. Over the years, some of the plaster has separated on the lower half of the walls. Someone had attempted to repair these cracks before, but did not use the proper historic technique. John, who has a specialty in historic homes, has been doing a great job repairing previous repair attempts and doing it the proper way. With all of his work progressing nicely, Dana was once again able to come in and work her magic with the paint. Once again, using the paint analysis done several years ago, we were able to restore the┬áSurgery Room back to the Huston Era. The room is described as being bright with a greenish paint over the golden ochre below the chair rail and marbling similiar to what would have been in the connecting room (the Butler’s Closet) between the Surgery Room and the Parlor. The crown molding and the chair rail also had specific coloration that had to be followed. Through some trial and error, Dana came up with colors that pretty well match exactly what was being described. The lower half of the room was especially an interesting transformation and finding just the right shades of gold and green was a lot of work. Dana used the same technique on the walls as she did in the Parlor to make the room light and bright. The outcome was a total transformation of the Surgery Room and it looks amazing!