Paint Restoration in Progress!

In 2010, the Mansion underwent a paint restoration to bring back the original wall colors in the Dining Room, Hallway, Butler Closet, Parlor, and Surgery Room. During that restoration the Dining Room took on its red and yellow color scheme, the Parlor was also painted with a yellow around its windows, and the Hallway and Surgery Room woodwork was marbleized with a faux finish. The restoration in progress is taking that a step further. The baseboard in the Dining Room, Parlor, and Butler Closet are currently a brown color, which is the first period of the house. These baseboards were marbleized during the Huston period and the original marbleization can be seen. The fireplaces in the Dining Room and Parlor were also marbleized. This has been determined through paint scrapings taken in each of the rooms going through all the layers of paint to the original layer over the wood. Working with local artist, Dana Simson, the Mansion is having all of the marbling restored. The Dining Room has a lovely white marbling affect which will blend in with the Pompeii Red and Golden Ochre quite nicely. The Parlor and Butler Closet have a more blue/gray tone, which will also pair well with the Golden Ochre and the Napoleonic Blue, which will take the place of the current teal color (which is also not an original color). In addition to the paint restoration, we are also taking the opportunity to repair some of the plastering, repaint some minor water damage around the windows, have some of the rugs in the Mansion cleaned and repaired, and update a couple exhibits. The Mansion is closed during this restoration, which is expected to last through the second week of August. Please check our website for updates and thank you for your patience while we make these improvements to the Mansion, and more importantly, thank you for your generosity, as it is only through contributions from our supporters which make restoration projects like this possible.