Kitchen Remodel

After almost a year of planning and work, we are happy to announce that our kitchen has been fully remodeled and is up and running again. We have updated the kitchen to an official Special Events kitchen. We’ve added a double oven, new cooktop with vent hood, new larger refrigerator, a commercial dishwasher capable of doing a load of dishes in 120 seconds (you read that right, a two-minute cycle), added counterspace, and a new handwashing sink. The whole kitchen has also received a fresh coat of white cabinet paint to make it easier to clean and resistant to moisture. What does all that mean for events here at PHM? Well, it means that we will be able to host events, such as our teas, more efficiently and that our private rentals will have more amenities and be able to operate better out of our kitchen. Thank you to Diane Waller with the Wicomico County Health Department for your guidance on this project and all your patience as we navigated through the regulations. Also, Frank Ennis with the City of Salisbury for your assistance with the review of the plans and guidelines. We’d like to thank our contractor, Joe Magoon for all his work and special thanks to the carpenter/cabinet specialist Hunter Davis. An interesting side note is that Hunter told us he worked on the Mansion in the 1970s when the City first acquired the property and updated and did some construction. Thank you, Alan McLeod, who helped with the plumbing and installed the new sink. We would also like to thank the City of Salisbury for all of their assistance and partial funding of this project.