Letter from Dr. Z

June 8, 2020

Camp Odyssey update as of June 8: Due to the Governor’s Directive regarding Youth Camp
Regulations and further clarification that we should not expect any changes this summer our
Wicomico Day School Camp Program has unfortunately been canceled.

Our camp state licensing is through the Maryland Health Department and we must follow the

● Only outdoor day programs are allowed to operate at this time.
● Programs must hold all activities outdoors, except.. for access to indoor bathrooms and
shelter for inclement weather.
● Only campers who reside in Maryland may attend youth camp programs.
● Daily monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms
● Social distancing and face coverings (Children age 9 and older when safe to do so, staff)
● Groups of 10 (campers and staff), do not mix groups

Regarding our Green Hill Program, we are currently creating a Half-Day Camp and Half Days
Out Program. The plan is to run Half-Day Camp for 7 weeks, July 6th to August 21st, and Half
Days Out for select days during the end of June and August. More details will be on our website
and social media asap.

Adapting our Green Hill camp to a Half-Day Camp will allow us to run the high-quality program
that we have for 30 years while doing our best to ensure the health and safety of all program

All payments for our canceled Wicomico Day School camp will be refunded as soon as possible
or program fees can be applied to our Green Hill camps. For Green Hill, payments may be
adjusted for changes in camp fees or refunds issued.

30 years ago we celebrated the 1st summer of our Zany ways. Our 30th anniversary year has not
exactly gone as planned but we will persevere and look forward to many more future summers
making memories to last a lifetime.

Stay well and safe,

Harlan Eagle, "Dr. Z."
Owner/Executive Director